SKHLM’s turnaround: Plans for expansion

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No one wanted to buy Skärholmen centre, then the Royal Bank of Scotland went for a fresh start.
Since this summer eight new concepts have opened stores.

Royal Bank of Scotland took over SKHLM Skärholmen centre and nine other malls in May 2011 when Boultbee finally collapsed due to major problems with decreasing values ​​of the malls.

Today only Skärholmen centre remain in the portfolio.

There were simply no one willing to buy the centre in the actual condition and with Ikano’s new mall in Kungens Kurva across E4 under construction.

From a large number of vacancies is Skärholmens center now almost fully leased.

“We have looked at the expression of the stores, been working with the public areas, developed our food court and made ​​several upgrades”, says Anna Wikerman, commercial project manager for SKHLM Skärholmens centrum to Dagens Industri.
Among the new stores, international concepts as Claire’s, Calzedonia and Rituals can be found.

Earlier this year, fashion e-commerce specialist Bubbleroom chose to open its first branded store in Skärholmen.

“We are currently looking for spaces that can be used to create new utbnyrningsbar retail space,” says Anna Wikerman.

Additionally, there are plans for expansion. No decision, however, are taken.