SOK-CEO worried about lower purchasing power

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At the same time as grocery prices decreases in Finland, SOK’s CEO Taavi Heikkilä worries about decreasing consumer purchasing power – and especially an increase of the value added tax.

”It is important that the government keep its promise not to increase the overall tax rate,” he says.

 The domestic market in Finland is still particularly difficult since purchasing power has been weak for several consecutive years and consumer confidence in the economy continues to be sluggish.

”For companies operating in the domestic market, it is now important to refrain from any act that causes the purchasing power to continue to deplete,” Heikkilä says.

The trade sector has over the last two years lost 15 000 jobs. In addition, SOK emphazises that raising the flat tax is the worst poison in lower-income groups.

”Indirect tax will raise the price of goods and services, so it would reduce the purchasing power of people. What sense would weaken the purchasing power make even further,” SOK-CEO asks.

S Group has been vigorously its own operations by improving efficiency and halpuuttanut cart nationals. This benefit may not be an indirect tax increases to eat out.

”Now the most important thing is to find a consensus in society contract negotiations. In addition, deregulation must continue resolutely. When coming into force, the liberalization of opening hours has had a positive signal to the trade sector,” Heikkilä points out.