Starkki-Puukeskus makes temporary cut downs on 36 locations

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Updated: DT Finland Oy lets the staff work less in Joensuu where both Starkki and Puukeskus is operating together. Totally 36 units will have temporary lay offs.

”The building and hardware volume has decreased nine quarter in a row. The market is very insecure”, says CEO Juha-Pekka Pöntinen.

Construction business will decrease by two percent this year and Pöntinen expects a further downturn. It’s not been on such a low level since the 90’s.

”The commercial revolution will go on and the general economic situation and the consumer demand in Finland is still uncertain. The forecast is no improvement,” he tells Verkko-Karjalainen.
Therefore negotiations about lay offs have taken place. They were finished this Monday. The cut downs are temporary and includes 36 units and no employments will be terminated.
Starkki and Puukeskus merged after this summer and moved in under one roof on eight locations, among them Joensuu. In a previous version the Joensuu-operations were reported to close down which was wrong.