Still on high level – but optimism declines among Swedish food retailers

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Optimism is still higher compared to previous years, but expectations for the nest three months drop among grocery retailers.

In the Trades survey for August, conducted på the Swedish Trade Federation, traders optimism decreases with seven points from 14 in July to to 7. However, compared with previous years, the future indicator is at a higher level than usual in August.
”We have had a nice summer and I think many traders are happy with. Now the expectations drop somewhat for the fall, primarily in grocery stores, but it looks much better than a year ago”, says Yvonne Ingman, Vice President of the Swedish Trade Federation.
Half of the retailers (49 percent) believe that sales will increase in their own shop during the following three months. Meanwhile, more merchants than in July’s barometer believe that sales will decline. One in five food retailers expect a negative sales trend in the coming months.
In August, the Trades Survey also answer questions about the upcoming parliamentary elections.
Youth unemployment and employment are the questions that traders primarily think should be debated more before the election. 8 of 10 traders (81 percent) do not think this year’s election campaign so far has focused on the issues that are important to the trade.
”The trade is crucial to create jobs and tax revenues in Sweden and no other industry employs so many young people. I think, as many traders do, that our politicians should pay attention to the conditions of trade more”, says Swedish Trade Federation CEO, Karin Johansson.