Stockholm to get first Nordic Social Supermarket

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Stadsmissionen in Stockholm will open the first Nordic Social Supermarket together with Axfood.

A number of co-financiers from the food sector will be donating food near or with passed expiration date, or goods that is by any other reason not possible to sell in a regular store.

The goal for the store is to take advantage of 200 tons of food in the first year.

A grocery store that helps people in financial vulnerability and take advantage of food waste becomes a reality in the end of this year when the City Mission of Stockholm in cooperation with Axfood opens Scandinavia’s first social supermarket. Other financiers are Vinnova, Axel Johnson, Arvid Nordquist, Coca Cola Enterprises Sweden AB, HK Scan, Nestle Sweden AB, Santa Maria AB, the Swedish SCA and Orkla Foods Sweden.

In Europe, for example Austria, the so-called Social Supermarkets been around for over 15 years – with very good results. The stores aim is to reduce unnecessary food waste and at the same time giving people with financial vulnerability the opportunity to buy food at a very low price.

In late 2015 opens the aid organization Stockholm Stadsmission a store with the same model. The store will be the first of its kind in the Nordic region.

”We have long pondered how we can take advantage of all requests for food gifts we receive, while conveying them to people in poverty that we face in a dignified manner. With this model, we see that we have found a successful path,” says Marika Markovits, director of Stockholm City.

People in financial vulnerability will be offered membership and thus be able to shop for one-third of the regular price. An important purpose of the store is also offering people the opportunity to approach the labor market through job training. The shop will also be open to all who feel a strong responsibility for the environment and want to support the store by shopping at full price.

The store, which is a pilot project, will be owned and operated by Stockholms Stadsmission  initiated by Axfood, which operates Willys and Hemköp stores.

”Reducing food waste is an important part of our environmental and sustainability work. To be involved and help make a social contribution  is of course even better,” says Åsa Domeij, Head of Environment and Social Responsibility at Axfood.