Stockholm’s fashion showrooms move apart

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Purchasers in the fashion business will get longer transports as the two showroom concepts in Nacka, Stockholm splits when one fashion centre leaves Järla sjö and moves to Infra City in Upplands Väsby.

In June this year, it became clear that Stockholms Modecenter that has existed for 25 years, creates a huge new brand cluster for the fashion industry. Occupancy will be at the end of the year.

Profi Properties which owns and operates Stockholms Modecenter is now developing activities to include related industries such as shoes, sportswear, home furnishings and accessories by creating the concept Showroom Stockholm on a total area of 20,000 square meters, a doubling of the existing surface.

“The fashion industry is developed through a clear industry drift where the shops are taking a greater grasp of their target audience by offering a range even in areas such as shoes, sports and home furnishings. For the Stockholm Fashion Center it is natural to reflect the new definition of fashion, “says Thomas Jonasson, director of Stockholms Modecenter.
Earlier this year, he said that the premises at Järla Sjö had  become too small and they had to decline exhibitors. Moreover, the current premises was located in the middle of a residential area.
Infra City hotel offers conference and proximity to the airport.
“InfraCity is an optimal location for our business, our 300 stores from all over the Nordic and Baltic countries can easily get there. We carry shoe fairs twice a year along with our approximately 50 suppliers and the position with the exhibition hall and hotel is invaluable, ” says Jan Persson, CEO of ANWR Nordic region, a major player in the shoe business.
Previously it has been a short trip between Järla Sjö and Nacka Strand where Agenturföretagen operates a similar business. There are investments done for ”Stockholm Fashion District” that offers flexible solutions including permanent showrooms with trade show and event with Nacka Strand’s exhibition hall as the hub.
Now the two alternatives will be on each side of town.
The next major purchase week in February will show how the industry reacts to the new positioning.