They are Stockmann’s future team

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Today Stockmann Group launched it’s new organisation and team leaders.

The new operating structure has three divisions – Stockmann Retail, Real Estate and Fashion Chains – starting 1 January 2015.

In Stockmann Retail the focus will increasingly be on the Stockmann department stores and online store which has grown rapidly in the Finnish market.

The Real Estate division will aim at optimising the use of floor space in the Group’s real estate holdings. In the Fashion Chains division the company believes that Lindex, which has operations in 16 countries, has the biggest development potential.

The new Stockmann Group strategy will be approved by the end of the year. Today’s announcement also says ”the process of appointing a new CEO is proceeding according to plan, in line with the strategy work”.

As a result of the new structure of the Stockmann Group, the following appointments have been made to Stockmann’s management, effective 1 November 2014.

  • Jouko Pitkänen (born 1971), eMBA, has been appointed Director, Stockmann Retail.Jouko Pitkänen_lowres
    He will head the retail business of Stockmann’s department and online stores. Jouko Pitkänen is currently Director of Stockmann’s department stores in Russia and the Baltic countries. He has held several sales management positions at Stockmann, including Sales Development Director and Director of Department Stores in Turku and in Moscow.
  • Tove Westermarck (born 1968), M.Sc. (Econ.), has been appointed Development Director.Tove Westermarck_lowres
    She will be responsible for ensuring that the Group’s new strategy is implemented in the Stockmann Retail and Real Estate divisions. Tove Westermarck is currently Director of Distance Retail at the Department Store Division and she is also leading the strategy process for Stockmann Retail. She has previously worked as Director of Department Stores in Russia and in other sales and marketing management positions at Stockmann.
  • Björn Teir (born 1969), M.Sc. (Pol.), has been appointed Director, Real Estate.Björn Teir_lowres
    He will be responsible for managing and leasing Stockmann’s real estate holdings in Helsinki, St Petersburg, Tallinn and Riga. Björn Teir has over 10 years’ experience in leading real estate business, currently as the Managing Director of Forum Capita and Mercator, which own properties in the Forum block and manage the Forum shopping centre in Helsinki.

All the persons mentioned above will report to the CEO and they will be members of the Stockmann Group’s Management Committee.

  • Lauri Veijalainen (born 1968), B.Sc., has been appointed Deputy Director, Real Estate.
    In this position, he will report to Director, Real Estate. He will also continue as a member of the Group’s Management Committee and Development Director of the Group’s international operations, and in this role he will report to the CEO.

The Management Committee will consist of the following members as of 1 November 2014:
– Kaj-Gustaf Bergh, Chairman of the Board, acting CEO
– Ingvar Larsson, Director, Fashion Chains
– Jukka Naulapää, Director, Legal Affairs
– Heini Pirttijärvi, Director, Human Resources
– Jouko Pitkänen, Director, Stockmann Retail
– Kjell Sundström, Chief Strategy Officer
– Björn Teir, Director, Real Estate
– Lauri Veijalainen, Deputy Director, Real Estate
– Pekka Vähähyyppä, Executive Vice President, CFO
– Tove Westermarck, Development Director