Stovner Center to become larger and totally refurbished

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4000 square meters of new retail space and a total refurbishment of Stovner center is now underway.

Sektor Group invests nearly 300 million NOK in the project, and has now entered into a development agreement with Veidekke.

”This is a big project that involves both an extension and a total refurbishment of the current center. We know that this is something the locals have wanted and waited for a long time and we’ve been working in high gear to realize this project after we took over the ownership  a year ago,” says property manager Andre Gaden at Sektor Group.

The choice of Veidekke contractor has been important when Sector Group now to realize its ambition for Stovner center. The agreement is a continuation of a long and fruitful collaboration between the two companies.

”In addition to providing a proper center upgrade and create better solutions inside, we want to open up the center as much as possible onto what will be Linjeparken. Veidekke has extensive experience with the development of shopping centers, not least the complexity of conducting construction work in parallel with a center in full operation,” said Andre Gaden.

”The project will have a high environmental profile, where the new building will be certified to the grade “Very good” after standard BREEAM Nor, and the center will be operated by BREEAM In-Use. The high environmental profile commitment, and we like that, will mean that we make demands including the election of short traveled materials, lower emissions and better indoor environment. Thus shall Stovner center both constructed and operate in a sustainable way,” says project manager Alexander Almeland.