Survey supports Elkjøp Group’s know how-strategy

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Dixons Carphone’s Nordic branch the Elkjøp Group is increasingly investing in service and help desks in the store.

Now they have commissioned a study which confirms that they are right in their strategy. 48 percent of customers feel that home electronics have become so complicated that it is difficult to keep up.

Smart TV is the product that is perceived as the most complicated.

“My current TV can do more than my first computer could. It is no wonder that many feel they can not keep up, “says Niclas Eriksson, CEO of Elgiganten in Sweden.

The same quote comes from Lefdal’s communication officer Øystein Schmidt.

The survey was conducted by YouGov on behalf of Elkjøp Group’s chains and shows that people’s insecurity is distributed evenly between the mobile phone and the computer, but the smart TV is the one that is perceived as the most complicated. Almost half of the respondents feel that TV is a challenge.

“The Swedes (and Norwegians) are buying new television on average every five years and buy a TV today, it is a completely different product than five years ago. When needed, just plug it into the power outlet so it worked, “says Niclas Eriksson.

Nearly 30 percent of survey respondents say they have electronic products at home that they do not know how they work.

“Our customer service gets many calls about products with perceived wrong, but a growing number of these turns out to actually be that the client does not understand how to install or how it works,” says Niclas Eriksson – and Øystein Schmidt.

The Swedes are buying new mobile on average every two years and to bring with them all of the content from the old phone to the new one is a task that more than one in three Swedish struggling with, the survey shows.

”We see that the retail business is betting more on the training of their employees, simply because there is a greater need for it. Products are becoming much more complicated, and it will be worse,” says Jan Adelsten Røsholm, CEO of Elektronikkbransjen, in the Norwegian press release.


Elkjøp Group has, as its UK owners, invested in the new service and service concept, know-how, which also includes support centers in department stores where customers can turn to for questions and help.

”Know-how has been very well received by customers. More and more customers want help getting started with their new product and are happy to pay a little extra to get the computer or the TV fully installed and ready to use, says Niclas Eriksson.

Elkjøp Group has also recently completed the year’s internal training fair, Elbit, with over 4400 participants.

”Ten years ago these fairs presented the latest news. Today it is a much greater extent on education, an opportunity for store employees to learn how the products work both individually and in integration with other products,” says Niclas Eriksson.

These are the electronic products Nordic customers do not how they work:

TV / Smart TV 50%

Mobiltelefon 42%

Computer/laptop 42%

Kamera 30%

Household 29%

Surfplatta 28%

Vitvaror 20%

Other products 10%

(Source: YouGov)