Swedol sets new organization strategy – prioritizes sales online

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Pro-chain Swedol has not had its best revenue year so far.

But e-commerce and loyalty programme is increasing.
Now they set a new organization.

Swedol sales so far this year has increased by only 0.6 percent. In October  it fell 5.8 percent, partly due to a decline in the event Swedol days.
Internet sales, which was launched in April, and already represents about ten percent of sales, fell 18 percent in October. Now Swedol recruits Clint Fischerström From Phone House as E-Commerce Manager in order to further develop Swedol ecommerce.

“Clint will be an important resource to take Swedol e-commerce to the next level. Our e-commerce is a strategic priority sales channel, ” said Sales and Marketing manager Häkan Wanselius.
At the same time Swedol is also launching a new sales and marketing organization. Several management positions have been added while the number of sales reps increased.

E-commerce Manager: Clint Fischerström
Sales Manager, Store Sweden: Magnus Farm Lyckman
Sales Manager Outdoor and inside sales Sweden: Henrik Jonth
Customer segments Manager Construction and Maintenance: Anders Dison
Customer segments Head of Agriculture and Forestry: Benny Andersson

“We are strengthening our sales and marketing organization on several fronts by adding key management positions, expanding outdoor sales staff and deliver excellence in e-commerce. With our efforts, we increase sales power which enables us to be more proactive with our clients, ” says Clein Ullenvik Johansson, CEO.

The loyalty program launched in April has now 18,500 members enrolled in the loyalty club – and the number continues to rise.

“Customer Club is a great tool for getting to know your customers better while we can reward our loyal customers. We look forward to the first VIP evening which takes place on November 19, ” said Håkan Wanselius.