Swedish consumer electronics sales up 15% in October

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Sales of consumer electronics is recovering slowly and it continues to be the mobile phones that pull the market forward.

October’s sales of phones was  15 percentbetter than the same month in 2013 and cumulatively for the year 3.8 percent better than last year.

It is also clear that the Swedes are demanding larger television screens. Total sales of screens larger than 42 inches is about 15 percent better than last year. But it’s still game consoles that are the fastest growing – accumulated over the year the increase is 38%. For the entire consumer electronics market, however, sales in the 10 months increased by 3.3 percent compared to last year.

New models and product release are reflected in some of the categories of sales.

”In the market for game consoles we can clearly see when the new models are released. The mobile market notice when news are released, while the other categories, such as TV and audio, show more general increases in demand,” says Klas Elm, CEO of Elektronikbranschen.