Swedish food export to reach new time high

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Swedish food exports rose by nine percent during the first three quarters.

The Swedish export growth is now time high and the goal to reach 100 billion SEK in food exports in 2020 is within reach.

”The fact our exports of food and drink increases so much despite the dismal state of the world economy is a sign of strength for our food industry. Swedish companies are gaining market share in the fierce international competition, ”says Fredrik Torehammar, Head of Public Affairs at the Food Federation Livsmedelsföretagen.

According to statistics compiled by the National Board kommerskollegium announced on Wednesday was the Swedish food exports of 50.5 billion SEK during the first three quarters, an increase of nine percent compared to the same quarter last year. Swedish exports of goods in total increased by almost four per cent.

Swedish food exports have long grown more than exports in general, and food and drink now represents six percent of our total exports of goods. For example, our exports of food and drink is now 15 percent larger than our exports of pharmaceuticals.

”Our food exports are now so large and important for the Swedish economy that it deserves to be lifted up in the statistics report, ” says Fredrik Torehammar.