Swedish H&M- and Esprit brand manager joins European Uniqlo

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The former H&M global brand director and Esprit brand manager Jörgen Andersson becomes head of global marketing at Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo .

Fast Retailing today announced that they’ve hired LeAnn Nealz, formerly a president at Juicy Couture, as chief creative officer for Uniqlo Global Design. John Fleming, formerly chief executive officer of Walmart.com, will head up Uniqlo’s e-commerce division.
Jörgen Andersson will join as co-global chief marketing officer of Uniqlo after holding posts at Hennes & Mauritz.
Jörgen Andersson, who gave clothing giant H&M 25 years, stayed at Esprit for four years.

“We hired them for their knowledge and experience in overseas markets,” Takeshi Okazaki, chief financial officer, said today. “We need them as leaders in each region so that we can make decisions more quickly.”
”It’s superexciting. Uniqlo is a company that I have followed for many years. I think they do things from their own perspective and dare to do a little different than others within fashion retail”, says Jörgen Andersson to Dagens Media.
”What they are trying to do now is to move from being a Japanese/Asian to a global company. Therefore the CEO and main owner wanted to bring in people who can help with global thinking and communication within fashion retail in Europe and North America. And that ‘s what I ‘ve been doing all these years”

He ended his engagement for clothing chain Esprit before summer.

”We have been working with their brand platform and ideas where to take the brand based on its history and future ambition. Now it’s more a question of how to implement the brand platform and alter the offer. It does not matter what you do with the brand, unless the product is changing where the customer wants and demands. We felt it was time to move on,” he says.

Jörgen Andersson will be based in London.

Fast Retailing has said it plans to open 200 to 300 outlets overseas annually and will found its first store in Australia and Germany in spring 2014. The retailer alos hopes to reach 100 stores in the US next few years, Yanai said last year.