Swedish retail giants mark switch to digital advertising

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Several heavy advertising buyers within the Swedish retail reschedules their media strategy and invests substantially more in digital channels.
Bauhaus will this year invest 40 percent of the total budget primarily on mobiles and tablets and also make their direct marketing digital.
Electronics chains Elgiganten and Media Markt are already in the same switch.

Bauhaus’s new strategy means that the building and hardware chain’s digital investment increases by 160 percent – from 25 percent of the total budget in 2014, to 40 percent in 2015. The DIY chain also undergoes a major change in their DR mailings, as they in the future also will be distributed digitally instead of solely through physical mailings.

“Consumer behavior has changed and December 2014 could Media Agency Survey for the first time, note that advertising online now has overtaken print. There is a clear indication that our increased investment in advertising in digital channels is in just the right time, “says Johan Saxne, Communications and Marketing Bauhaus Sweden.

Media Markt cuts their investments in traditional media by almost half – Elgiganten by one-sixth.
When Sifo compiles gross investment in traditional media like television, direct mail and newspapers many millions have disappeared since the internet is not included in the measurement.
“We are currently at lower levels for direct and linear television. You could say that we are increasing the pressure in the channels where our customers mainly consume media, and decreases in others, “says Media Markt advertising manager Mats Ajpe to Market.se.
Elgiganten says the same thing – and stresses the overall ad-investments are about as much as before.
“We have increased our presence in SEO marketing, social media and display advertising, but particularly in web tv, primarily Youtube. It has given us very good effects in advertising recall and sales, “says Elgiganten Marketing Manager Eddie Hernandez to Market.se.