Swedish retailers more pessimistic

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Swedish retailers does not have a strong belief in next year’s development.

According to Svensk Handel’s Trade Barometer, an increasing amount forecast a decline in sales, falling profitability and reduced staff due to new regulations.

Slightly more Swedish traders believe in a decline in sales, while profitability and employment are expected to remain at low levels. The future indicator is landing at -17 in the monthly Trade Barometer.

Compared with the survey in November, the number of traders who believe in a decline in retail sales increased by six percent. Every fourth traders also expect to reduce the number of employees compared with the same period last year.

”The retail trade gives many the chance of working experience. It is therefore worrying that many traders expect to reduce staff numbers”, says Jonas Arnberg, chief economist at Svensk Handel.

Traders’ belief in profitability remains pessimistic. Four out of ten traders believe the profitability of their stores will fall in the near future.

In December’s Trade Barometer, merchants also answer what mainly prevents them from hiring more. Nearly two in three (64%) responded that costs a very great extent is an obstacle to hiring.

December’s Trade Barometer can be downloaded here.