Swedol enters new strategy with 10 % sales increase

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Swedol, with 47 tools pro-shops in Sweden and Norway, has increased its sales by ten percent this year.
Now the chain goes for a new kind of express-stores backed up by the new major owner Nordstjernan.

Sales in June reached 124.9 million SEK (106.1), an increase of 17.8 percentcompared to the same period last year.
Total sales for the first six months (January to June 2015) has thus increased by 10.0 percent to 729.4 million (662.9).
So far this year, no new stores opened, but soon a new type of Swedol will appear, express outlets in half the size, 600-1000 square meters.

First out in accordance with the new model is the upcoming opening at the Globe area, Stockholm, in October.

“Express stores will be used to densify presence in large cities where Swedol already has stores as well as for start-up in small towns. Common to the different store sizes is that we now can offer next day delivery from our logistics center.,” said CEO Clein Johansson Ullenvik.

In June it was announced that Nordstjernan has acquired 29.7 percent of the capital from the owner family Zetterberg. There have also been some organizational changes in the chain. In connection with this, it was announced that the sales and marketing manager Håkan Wanselius would leave the company. Last week it was announced that he nevertheless remains.

“Håkan has played an important role in the orientation of Swedol towards a market- and customer-focused organization. We are pleased that he will continue to lead this strategic work. Swedol faces an exciting period with a focus on growth and there will Håkan’s expertise will be of great importance, “says Clein Ullenvik Johansson.