Generation switch in the Swedish trade association

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The Swedish association, Svensk Handel, will get five new board members in two weeks.
The Nomination Committee also proposes Fredrik Persson, CEO of Axel Johnson, as new chairman.

Fredrik Persson, CEO of Axel Johnson proposed as the new chairman of the Swedish Trade succeeding Christian W. Jansson
At the Swedish Trade Meeting on May 12 will probably five new people take their place on the board:
Sonat Burman Olsson, future CEO, Coop Sweden.
Magdalena Gerger , CEO of Systembolaget AB.
Staffan Lindqvist , CEO , IKEA Services AB.
Martino Pessina, Country Manager Sweden , H & M
Freddy Sobin, MD , Consortio Fashion Group AB

The Nomination Committee proposes re-election:
Ayad Al- Saffar, Ur & Penn AB, Sofie Gunolf, Indiska magasinet, AB, Anders Halvarsson , Live Hill AB, Ann-Christin Hedebrant, Albert Thun AB, Torsten Jansson, New Wave Group AB, Per-Olof Lind, Trimar Retail AB , Annelie Petersen, Bonvings skor AB, Thomas Strindeborn, Partille Stormarknad AB (ICA), Anders Strålman Axfood AB , Anders Svensson, ICA Sweden, Claes-Göran Sylvén, Varuhuset Flygfyren AB (ICA) , Anette Wesström Sundqvist , Fourfield Scandinavia AB
The board also includes the CEO of Svensk Handel, Karin Johansson, according to the statutes.

Retiring board members are: Frank Fisker, Christian W. Jansson, Pär Johanson, Markku Piippo and Christer Westin.