Team Sportia gains ground on bicycle market

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Team Sportia increase their efforts on the bicycle market and has signed a number of cooperation agreements on purchase.

Recently signed an agreement with Sport 2000, one of the sporting world’s largest buying groups and with Tvåhjulsmästarna, containing 45 bike shops around the country.

This now makes Team Sportia the largest bicycle chain in Sweden.

Sport 2000 has over 3500 stores in 25 countries and a total turnover of over 5 billion EUR. The collaboration not only significantly increases purchasing muscles but is also a unique opportunity for TeamSportia to broaden the market for the chain’s owned brands.

According to a press release, each of the chain retailers will also get new opportunities to develop their specialist areas and grow locally.

“Obviously our merchants will be able to get significantly better conditions, while getting even more space than before to individually improve the selection and development of the store’s local profile,” says Anders Edvardsson, CEO of TeamSportia.

Team Sportia customers are also addressed with a number of major joint campaigns where TeamSportia act co-sender with Sport 2000 – and a number of unique models from suppliers.
By virtue of its size, Sport 2000 contract with the major suppliers of “own” models exclusive to the group members.

The agreement with Sport 2000 also opens up a brand new international market for Team Sportia trademarks, North Bend, Sjösala and Peak Cycle, a possibility that Anders Edvardsson looks very positive at.

“North Bend will now be listed as” A-brand” among other well-known international brands. In addition to a much larger market, this means that we will have more resources to develop these brands further ”

Simultaneously starts TeamSportia a partnership where Tvåhjulsmästarna, including 45 bike shops around the country, joins the Team Sportia purchasing organization, where Bike Partners with 35 stores already are included.

Tvåhjulsmästarna has previously been administered by Just4sport which was acquired by Sportringen – Team Sportia’s competitor about specialist merchants.

Of Team Sportia’s about 90 shops, 60 are selling bicycles. Together with Bike Partner and Tvåhjulsmästarna, whose stores will retain their current names, the organization will have about 150 skilled bicycle dealers making the chain the largest of bikes in Sweden.

”Sure, we win on having a large buying group, but this is above all an important step in our investment in cycling and our commitment to the sport of cycling. Recently, for example, we signed a sponsorship agreement with Lidingöloppet around their mountain bike races and now in September we look forward to helping to break new ground for the sport of cycling in Sweden as the main sponsor of Velothon Stockholm. It is clear that Tvåhjulsmästarna and their skillful traders fits perfectly into this venture, ” says Team Sportia Vice President Richard Westerlund.

Last year 67.5 percent of Team Sportia was acquired by Finnish sister chain Sportia for better purchase agreements. In May, Finnish chain Elmo also became a part of the purchasing Group.