Team Sportia opens two more stores

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Team Sportia is regaining power after losing several stores to competitor Sportringen and now adds two more stores to the 90 existing. First launch is a 800 square meters large store in Kristianstad, which means a comeback in the city.

”Team Sportia have been here before and there are many in the area that has really missed the brand and is now looking forward to us opening again. For example, we have over 19,000 sports club members in Kristianstad area, so our concept is already deeply rooted here,” says shopkeeper Henrik Svenstam.

The new store in Kristianstad will have an additional focus on fitness sports, fitness and active recreation.

Merchant Christian Dahl Berntsson opens a store in Nynäshamn on 25 November. He has no previous connection to Team Sportia.

”It happens many positive things around Team Sportia now and the feeling is that this is an organization that really has a future. Also, I wanted to open a store that is good at cycling, as Nynäshamn has no bicycle dealer today. And then there is, in my opinion, just Team Sportia to rely on,” says Dahl Berntsson.

Team Sportia in Nynäshamn will be approximately 400 square meters and will beside cycle primarily focus on running, exercise and a combination of active leisure and street.

”We aim to be a modern sports shop, which is responsive to customer needs and designing our offer accordingly to this.”says Dahl Berntsson.