Team Sportia to change head office location

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TeamSportia AB will move to new headquarters in Borås in October.

”Important for TeamSportia is that entrepreneurship in Borås is characterized by entrepreneurship and sustainability in its development. This, together with the ability to work in a new and inspiring property, will strengthen TeamSportia in its development within the operational focus categories,” the sports chain states in a press release.

TeamSportia also see developments in the textile and design in Borås, as something positive and believe it may contribute to the development of their own brands. The company annually conducts four purchases fairs on Åhaga Event Center.

The new headquarters will be at Vevgatan in Viared and has previously been Brunngård AB’s head office. The property, owned by Vidocca Buildings AB, is easily visible from Highway 40 and will partly be profiled on both the exterior and interior to make the environment as well as possible for employees.