Test: They are the best service providers in Norwegian retail

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Furniture chain Fagmøbler is the best service provider in Norwegian Retail.

This according to Daymaker, who has performed and compared Mystery Shopping visits in 58 retail chains within ten categories.

Pharmacies, Hardware and construction chains, Opticians, Home and furniture chains, Consumer electronics chains, Telecom, Shoes, Fashion,Department stores and Sports chains are the different categories that Daymaker paid a visit five times each in February.

The Mystery shoppers reviewed their visit from a pre-defined form defining the customer service from entering the store to leaving it.

As usual, many stores are good at welcoming the customer and have good knowledge about their products, but the selling part is a dip at many stores.

Telecom, Opticians , Sports and pharmacies are overall getting the best reviews. Small and staff intense stores notice the customer quickly and can give more personal service while department stores come in the bottom of these ten categories.

But a furniture chain beats all other in the overall result. Fagmøbler scores an average of 87 percent of maximum in the Daymaker formula – Telenor ends up on the same point followed by Synsam in 86.

These are the top 20 among the 58 chains (category winners marked): 

Fagmøbler 87%

Telenor 87%

Synsam 86%

Interoptik 83%

Vitusapotek 83%

NetCom 82%

Ditt Apotek 81%

Spaceworld 81%

Intersport 81%

G-sport/G-max 80%

Sport 1 79%

Slettvoll 79%

Dressmann 78%

Soundgarden 78%

Siba 78%

Krogh Optikk 77%

Boys of Europe 75%

XL-Bygg 74%

C Optikk 74%

Skoringen 73%