They are the candidates for shopping center of the year 2015

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The jury award ”Shopping center of the year” in Norway has announced the nominees for 2015.

Nordic council of shopping centers will decide which one of them have done ”something that is unprecedented and innovative in the last 12 months, or something that is done in a more excellent way than others do” best.

It is Tista center, Strømmen Storsenter and Sartor Storsenter that will compete for the title.

Candidates are assessed in the areas of internal and external marketing, organization and operations, architecture and development center as well as environment.

  1. Tista center, Halden
    Tista center has increased trade despite strong pressure from border trade and other Østfold cities, which makes this year’s jury highly impressed. The location with relation to water and preservation worthy buildings makes Tista a very charming center.
    Tista has also undergone a development and successful “facelift”
  2. Sartor, Straume (Fjell municipality)
    Sartor Storsenter is the result of a unique collaboration with the municipality of Fjell through 10-15 years of planning and implementing a comprehensive shopping mall and urban development. The project shows how a center can take an active role in social development – transformation from shopping center to urban center with local roots. Sartor Storsenter has done a very good job in integrating cinema (opening May 2015) with five halls and 600 seats, and a unique local inspired science “VilVite Sotra” in buildings.
    Architectural the center emerge as a comprehensive and very modern center with lots of light, good solutions and high quality on all surfaces. Exterior facade of the central building is dark glass. This, together with high-quality open-air, the center provides an exclusive and modern feel.
  3. Strømmen Storsenter, Strømmen
    Strømmen Storsenter is built on the foundations of a former industrial plant and a new part with a forward-looking statement. The center with its 200 stores is Norway’s largest shopping center, measured by number of stores (200). The center has had an impressive organic growth in an otherwise flat market.
    Against its tenants Strømmen Storsenter has worked systematically to bring down common costs to a very low level for such a large center.
    The jury also praised the operation management of the center as the widespread use of modern tools for optimizing operations and can point to reduced costs in energy consumption.

Past winners of the award:
City Syd -Trondheim (1993), Sandvika Storsenter – Bærum (1994), Meyer-center – Mo i Rana (1995), Gallery Bergen (1996), Ski Storsenter (1997), Trondheim Torg (1998), Strømmen Storsenter (1999) , Byporten Shopping – Oslo (2000) Amanda Storsenter – Haugesund (2001), Oslo City (2002), Amfi Narvik (2003), CC Vest – Oslo (2004), Sartor Senter – Bergen (2005), CC Gjøvik (2006) Hercules – Skien (2008), Oslo City (2009), Sandvika Storsenter (2010), AMFI Alta (2011), Storo Storsenter (2012), Gulskogen (2013) and Vestkanten (2014). In 2008 it was decided to redefine the price to apply for the current year. 2007 is therefore skipped.

This year’s jury consisted of:

Odd Gisholt Handelshøyskolen BI
Rolf Tvedte Vestkanten (Årets Kjøpesenter)
Vegard Kjuus MENY (Årets butikkjede)
Nils Tveit Arkitektkontoret Nils Tveit
Line Victoria Bergh (jury Chairman) CC Vest