They were best in class online 2014

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The price comparison sites winners 2014 follow each other.

Once again Inet scored highest among 15423 reviews when Pricerunner announces 13 category winners in Swedish ecommerce.

Category Online reseller Average review
Kids and family Se Bambas utbud 4,7
Ink and toners Se NordicInks utbud 4,7
Computer products Se Inets utbud 4,8
Film and music Se Discshop utbud 4,7
Photo Se Cyberphotos utbud 4,6
Home och garden Se Furniturebox utbud 4,7
Hobby Se Skapamers utbud 4,7
Contact lenses Se Lensons utbud 4,6
Kitchen accessories Se Bagaren och kockens utbud 4,6
Health & beauty Se NordicFeels utbud 4,8
Sport och leisure Outnorth 4,6
Batteries Se Batteriexpertens utbud 4,7
Vitvaror Se Trettis utbud 4,6