This is how Scandinavians shop online

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Scandinavian consumers shopped online for 34,5 billion SEK during the third quarter, 1,5 billion more compared to Q2.
9,4 billion was from online stores abroad.
Here are the Nordic figures, country by country – category by category.

PostNord is from this year reporting the whole Nordic development in e-commerce by a survey containing 4,000 respondents.

Services, B2B, C2C and click and collect does not count as e-commerce.

The figures are made from estimations by the respondents on how much they’ve bought and if they consider the online store as domestic or not.

The full report can be found in Swedish here

PostNord’s Group CEO, Håkan Ericsson, says the logistic volume connected to e-commerce increased by 18 percent during the previous quarter.

7 out of 10 in the Nordic countries did a purchase online during the third quarter. Finland decreases the numbers a bit since only 62 percent of the Finns say they’ve shopped online. They also spend the lowest amount of money. Norwegians spend most.

Last three months purchases online, according to consumers.

Sweden Denmark Norway Finland
Average total purchase 2864 SEK 2156 DKK 3259 NOK 249 EUR
= 2864 SEK 2653 SEK 3565 SEK 2285 SEK

Clothes and shoes is the online favorite. Except for Sweden, where media (books, film or music) is the most common product to buy online.

Products bought online, top-5:

Sweden Denmark Norway Finland
Fashion 41% 40% 35% 41%
Media/Books 44% 34% 35% 38%
Consumer electronics 31% 25% 34% 29%
Cosmetics 14% 13% 16% 15%
Sports&leisure 12% 12% 16%
Pharmacy products 12%


Fashion, and especially clothes, are also popular goods to buy from other countries, second comes consumer electronics and third is media. The different product categories have equal popularity in the Nordic countries. Swedes though, buy more sporting goods and car parts from abroad than the other countries do.

Norwegians have the largest share of purchases from other countries, almost half of the Norwegian online consumers did a purchase from another country during the third quarter.

 How Nordic online consumers shop from other countries:

Nordics Sweden Denmark Norway Finland
UK 40% 41% 49% 39% 31%
USA 30% 31% 19% 50% 20%
Germany 22% 19% 29% 13% 27%
China 22% 23% 18% 28% 18%
Denmark 7% 13% 4%
Sweden 10% 14% 17% 17%
%-base* 22%* 26%* 45%* 31%*

*Percentage of all online consumers that have done a purchase from another country.

12 percent of Nordic online consumers says they have checked out the product in a physical store first – and then bought it online.

Half of the consumers have done research online before buying a product in a physical store.

13 percent made a purchase from a smartphone. 20 percent made a purchase from a tablet. Swedes use mobile devices the most.