This is Ikea’s new Gothenburg plans

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Now Ikea’s plans in Kållered Köpstad outside Gothenburg will be revealed.
A new department store with a shopping mall to be presented to the public next week.
“We hope for proposals which will help us in our development,” says Anna Pilkrona Godden, press officer for Ikea Sweden.

After cooperation with the City of Mölndal, the proposed plan for Kållered Köpstad is ready. Ikea and the municipality wants to create a more attractive and functional trade area, all within the existing commercial area of Kållered market town.

“A key to the plan is a new Ikea store that is paired with an Ikea Centres shopping center, all within the existing trade. We now look forward to the consultation that is between 25 June to 27 August,” says Kenneth Fondén, plan manager in Mölndal.

Meanwhile, there are planned improvements for pedestrians, bicycle and public transport users and traffic measures to improve the existing road system and ensure capacity.

In October, Mölndal signed an agreement with Ikea about the zoning work for the expansion of trade in Kållered market town. This is done through a restructuring of existing building rights and the expansion of trade surfaces in the area of ​​about 25,000 square meters, within the existing retail area.

The old department store in Kållered that was built in 1972 is to be demolished. But the idea is not that the new store will be bigger than the existing one.
“There is already a large department store. It’s more about making the inside inspiring and look at the possibilities for a better public transport to the store, said the Sweden manager Håkan Svedman in April.

“We see great interest, but we need to be more accessible to Gothenburg.”