Thon to double the size of Bergvik shopping center

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Bergvik shopping center in Karlstad might be considerably extended.

Norwegian Thon Group plans to build 50000 square meters of commercial area adjacent to existing retail.
”We think this is a good area to take advantage of trade, especially for capital goods and the location of two existing venues are very good,” Olav Thon tells NWT.

NWT writes that it is at Månsgården in the forest areas between Biltema area and Bergvik shopping center where the Olav Thon Group wants to build the new trade area. In total, it’s a land surface of about 100 000 square meters.

Olav Thon Group will establish a new company for the upcoming commercial establishment with the family Hemmingsson who owns the land at Månsgården.

A request for a plan statement has been submitted to the municipality of Karlstad asking for a new zoning plan for the land.

“We plan to go for about 50 000 square meters of retail area, but with a large first stage. It can be around 25000-30000 square meters, ” says Olav Thon.

He says that the retail interest in establishing on Bergvik has been very high for a long time, but that the area lacked space for the really big consumer durables chains.

“It is above all the consumer durables stores that we plan for and I believe we are constructing a bigger building with common entrance where people can walk between the chains under one roof.”

Today Bergvik shopping center have a total of 54 000 square meters and is under refurbishing. Main owner is Eurocommercial.

Thon Group has previously taken over the city mall MittiCity in Karlstad. A smaller retail park is located at Välsviken, who now can have fierce competition for both customers and tenants. To NWT Olav Thon says that even he could imagine taking over a hotel in the city.

Olav Thon is already a strong player in Värmland with shopping centers targeted for border trade in Charlottenberg and Töcksfors.

The construction period is estimated to be around 15 months. Otherwise, it depends on how quickly the municipality works. It will require a variety of investigations to ensure traffic solutions for the planned mall and the environment and nature should be managed.