Tiger is running fast in Sweden – looks for a third partner

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Danish Tiger, under the label TGR, is already halfway through its expansion in Sweden and looks for more partners.

Store number 38 opens in February.

”All stores are profitable”, local entrepreneur Andy Petsonk says.

Tiger operates in 25 countries, and has a special business model where joint ventures with local contractors instead of traditional franchise operations is the strategy. In Sweden there are two partners sharing the market – and the profit – with Danish parent company.

So far there are no stores north of Uppsala. But on its homepage, TGR Sweden is looking for a third partner covering the northern areas.

”It is difficult logistically. Long distance means high transportation costs,” said Andy Petsonk who is a co-owner of TP stores, one of the Swedish partners, operating in the Stockholm area.

”In the coming year, we expect to open an additional six to seven stores. We are far from located at all places,” said Andy Petsonk to market.se.

Tiger dropped i and e in their Swedish logo after a settlement with Swedish fashion brand Tiger, which is now owned by Danish IC Group.