Uddevalla city centre left without sports store

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Uddevalla city centre won’t have a sports store next year.
Team Sportia shuts down after Christmas.
”The footfall is decreasing in the city centre”, says store manager Tony Börjesson.

Uddevalla, with 31 000 citizens, has a successful retail concept – outside the city at Torp. That’s where IKEA recently opened up a new store, and that is where the retail trade is rapidly increasing.
In the city centre stores have to give up. This week, two stores have announced their closure: Team Sportia and fashion store Somewear. Previously a flowershop, two toy stores and a perfume shop has went into administration.
To Market.se, the store manager of Team Sportia says that the store will close at December 31.
Fashion store Somewear will close and only be open weekends until next year when the contract ends. Negotiations with the landlord has been unsuccessful.
”We need to get our costs down. Many stores in the city centre have a tough time now”, partner Robert Dragovic tells local paper Bohusläningen.
He sees no solution to keep the store open in the future.
But the new city developer, David Naraine, claims there is a solution. He says a change will take some time.
”We need to cooperate. I’ll start talking to landlords, tenants and local authorities”, he tells Bohusläningen.