Union: Seven years of lower fees for youth was wasted

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Less young people work in the retail trade – despite the reduced fee.

According to Handels, the governments measures did not have any effect on youth employment.

When the Swedish government reduced employer contributions for young people it did not lead to more young people working in the trade – on the contrary, today they are fewer.

A report from the union Handels shows that fewer young people work in the trade despite the reduced payroll fees for young people.

The proportion of young people in the age groups affected by reduced payroll has decreased between 2007 and 2014 in the trade. In retail, the decrease is from 44 to 42 percent. In wholesale trade, the decrease is from 28 down to 21 percent.

“The statistics clearly show that the subsidy has not had any effect on youth unemployment in our industry. Sure, companies have received more money. But it was not to increase the profitability of companies but to counter the serious youth unemployment subsidy this was introduced, “says Stefan Carlen, Handel’s chief economist, who made the report, in a press release.