Väla retail park expands

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Now starts the construction of Väla Park north of Helsingborg. 11,000 square meters of retail space will complement Diligentia’s Väla Centre with high-volume retail and fitness.

Jula, Willys and Nordic Wellness are contracted.

Väla’s commercial area is located outside Helsingborg and is one of the most dynamic and successful venues.

Väla Park is built with high environmental ambitions and the tenants will sign a green lease attached to the standard lease.

Three tenants, Jula, Willys and Nordic Wellness are contracted, which means 75 percent of the total space is leased. Väla Park will be launched in December 2015 – just in time for Christmas shopping.

”Väla becomes even more attractive when we will be able to provide customers withFitness and a major grocery store. Something that has been lacking in the area”, says Niklas Blonér, Centre Manager at Väla, adding that Diligentia expects to have the facility fully leased soon.

Jula will open a 3,300 square meter store.

”We have looked for a good location in Väla for many years and now we’ve got the best location exactly where the majority of customer flow occurs with very strong trading neighbors and with great parking facilities”, says Karl-Johan Blank, Jula’s CEO and owner, in a separate lease.