starts selling children’s food

      Comments Off on starts selling children’s food has started their food sales with children’s food in big packs and plans to extend the scope of other foods.

“If the children’s food is a good experience, we’ll try the whole setting of food,” says CEO Samuli Seppälä.

Electronics and IT-equipment reseller has for long planned to expand into new product areas. In addition to the sale of children’s food, came this week also other children’s accessories such as baby strollers, diapers and child care products.

This means dry products. Fresh or frozen food sales in the online store is too expensive to distribute, and consumers are not willing to pay for it.

Still, the company is planning to sell fresh produce, but without going through the company’s inventory. For example, farms and importers would submit them directly to customers. simply transmit orders in the same way as Amazon’s third party sellers.

The fresh produce direct sales and dry food import range is currently being heavily explored, according to Helsingin Sanomat.

Seppälä does not want to be more precise since the food selection may be changed. But the barbecue season seems to be a target.