Why Denmark is the new discount heaven

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Danes will takes over the european top position in discount in 2016.

Consumer economist Johan Juul-Jensen, Nykredit, has looked in to the Danish consumer behavior.
2002 discount chains had a market share of 24 percent in Denmark, in 2012 it had risen to 37 percent.
And today, Denmark is the country in Europe with most grocery stores per capita. Johan Juul-Jensen believes it is caused by the discount stores.
In Denmark today, Danish Netto and Coop concepts fights German Aldi and Lidl and Norwegian Kiwi and Rema 1000 over the discount customers. And many of the concepts have started to look increasingly towards the quality aspect, which is expected to affect the supermarkets.
“Consumers today value the price tag higher than the inconvenience of having to shop in several stores”, says Johan Juul-Jensen to Jyllands-Posten.
60 per cent of Danish consumers shop groceries at least four times per day. Good traffic locations and extended hours have contributed to this consumer behavior.