Willys launches 25 percent organic range expansion

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Willys organic sales grew 52 percent last year.
But to rise the sales further, Axfood now extends the organic range at Willys with 100 items, a 25 percent expansion.
The goal is to offer organic options at the same price as the conventionally produced groceries.

Willys writes in a press release that the chain has focused on broad everyday products in the new launches. A customer survey conducted by Willys showed that an overwhelming majority of Swedish consumers who rarely or never choose organically today, specify price as a reason for not acting more echo-friendly.
“Everyone does not have the extra few dollars needed to be able to choose echo. Through our investment, we want to make organic eligible for more, “said Thomas Evertsson, President of Willys.

According to the survey chose only a few skips organic options because they did not think it was important, or because they did not think it would make any difference to the environment to shop organic.