Willys says it will ignore RO-decision

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Grocery chain Willys should no longer advertise themselves with the lines “Our mission: Sweden’s cheapest grocery bag” and “Willys, more for your money no matter what you buy.”

But Willys says the chain will not change it’s payoff.

According to RO, the Swedish Advertising Ombudsman’s, opinion earlier this year it’s a misleading message as Willys is unable to prove that they actually have the cheapest food.
Willys asked for reconsideration of the Board’s decision, but now came the news that they will leave the decision unchanged.

RO can not, however, compel Willys to stop using his payoff, it should rather be seen as indicative.

“We do not think this is misleading and we feel safe with it. At present, we will not change our payoff. It is the overall impression that  is crucial and we are clear that we do not mislead anyone by telling them about our business, “says Johanna Eurén, communications manager at Willys Dagens Media.

She thinks that the Advertising Ombudsman’s decision surprises.
“Especially given that we have hired several independent experts in marketing law and everyone has a different valuation. It’s surprising. “