Willys to be first discount chain online

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Willys becomes the first Swedish discount chain to open food sales online.
The strategy is to offer the same prices as in store and primarily deliver through pick up stations.

Willys opens up the opportunity for online-shopping through Willys’ website and app in three stores: Kungsbacka, south of Gothenburg and Rissne and Länna in Stockholm. After testing and evaluation, the intention is to expand to more areas and more stores, focusing on major cities.

”Many of our customers want to shop for groceries online and we want to be where our customers are. As discount chain, we have an important function for customers who want e-shop but who are not prepared to pay unreasonably,” says Thomas Evertsson, Managing Director of Willys.

Customers will be able to buy goods from Willys range with the same prices as in the stores.
The chain offers both home delivery and pick up of prepackaged bags in stores. Willys focuses mainly on the latter and has developed special pick-up stations in stores where the customers can quickly and easily retrieve their bags after purchase and payment online. Customer park right next to the station and pick up their bags from the box, opened with a code.

In 2015 it increased sales of Swedish food online by 39 per cent and this year is expected to increase land on another 38 percent, according to HUI Research.

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