Woody recruits new Chairman from ICA Group

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Björn Abild, the current CEO of Hemtex and with previous experience as CEO of ICA Special, Expert and TeamSportia, has been appointed the new chairman of Woody.

”I am both happy and proud of the trust in me. I understand both the drivers and challenges of a voluntary chain as Woody. Now I will primarily listen and learn, but I know that I will contribute with my energy and my long experience of development and change, says Björn Abild, who now succeeds Stefan Jacobsson.

The choice of Björn Abild as the new chairman took place in connection with Woody Bygghandel’s  Annual General Meeting which was held in Gothenburg last week.

”I am pleased that our new president is in place and we are continually adding the role of chairman of professional business expertise,” says Peder Strömqvist, CEO, Woody Bygghandel AB.

”It’s an incredibly good bunch of impressive energy, competence and will. I am convinced that Woody has all the prerequisites to become the industry’s big winner,” says Björn Abild in a press release.